AR Indoor Navigation and Object Placement



Project Members:

Sophie Westfahl

My Roles:


Ever found yourself lost in your own home, wandering aimlessly between the couch and the fridge? Perhaps you’ve pondered the eternal question: 'Where did I leave that broom again?' Fear not! Introducing my AR prototype that not only guides your wayward soles (pun intended) through the labyrinth of your home but also places a virtual 3D broom wherever you need a reminder to tidy up. Say goodbye to walking in circles and hello to a future where you’re always headed in the right direction – even if it's just to the kitchen for a midnight snack!

Demonstration of the prototype


The following features are included in the prototype:

Making of Video

Other use cases

Of course, while the idea of needing guidance to navigate one's own home is playfully exaggerated for humor, the core features of this AR prototype have a multitude of practical applications.

The AR Line guides you to your destination Place a 3D Broom at places that need to be cleaned

If you are interested in the topic, you are more than welcome to contact me!