Beat Saber Tournament



Project Members:

Sophie Westfahl, Hannes Schweiger, Thomas Kautz in cooperation with FH St. Pölten

My Roles:


During the Winter of '22, we conducted a Motion Sickness Test at our university and discovered a surprising revelation: a significant number of students, though inexperienced with Virtual Reality (VR), expressed a genuine eagerness to explore this technology. Inspired by this enthusiasm, we saw an opportunity and took it upon ourselves to organize an engaging VR Tournament.
The choice of game for our tournament was clear: Beat Saber, a renowned VR game known for its intuitive and immersive gameplay. Beat Saber encourages players to cut rhythmically appearing blocks in tune with pulsating music, ensuring a captivating and easy-to-master experience for our VR novices.

Over several weeks, we prepared for the tournament, ensuring every detail was taken into account. Our comprehensive planning included procuring VR headsets, obtaining game licenses, and preparing advertisement. We also arranged beverages for attendees, and implemented the technical setup inclusive of live streaming and shared audio. Furthermore, we organized a schedule that balanced tournament play and free-play areas and procured attractive prizes to incentivize participation.

Behind the scenes shot of our BeatSaber Tournament

What a success!

On the long-anticipated evening of the tournament, we were thrilled to welcome over 30 participants. The diverse turnout, with attendees of all ages and experience levels, was particularly satisfying. Starting at 6pm, participants had the opportunity to fine-tune their Beat Saber skills. An hour later, at 7pm, everyone had the chance to vie for a spot in the tournament.
The competition officially kicked off at 8pm, challenging the players right from the start with a hard difficulty level. As the night progressed, the stakes heightened, culminating in the final two rounds being played at the Expert+ level. Here's a snippet from the electrifying finals.

Beat Saber Tournament Pre-Finals: Level Expert+

All in all, the event was not just an evening filled with fun, but also a learning experience for all involved. And one thing is certain: This will not be our last Beat Saber tournament. We're already looking forward to the next one.