The castle's curse: A witch's maze



Project Members:

Sophie Westfahl

My Roles:

Conceptioning, Development, Testing & Distribution of results

In the midst of a world shrouded in darkness and mystery, you find yourself abruptly thrust into an imposing tower, the heart of a convoluted labyrinth. A sinister witch, the sovereign of this chilling realm, taunts you, revealing her lethal agenda - she is on the verge of brewing a devastating potion meant to plunge the world into the abyss.

Armed with nothing but your courage and wit, you are confronted with the challenge of exploring the tower and penetrating the impenetrable labyrinth. Every corner, every crevice of this place harbors new enigmas and secrets, eagerly awaiting your decipherment. Among other discoveries, you find an invisible staircase that opens the path to the higher levels of the tower.

Nestled within the heart of the tower, surrounded by the labyrinth's winding paths, you stumble upon an enigmatic crystal ball. Within it twinkles a key – the key that may bestow upon you the gift of freedom.

But the path to freedom is strewn with dangers. You must conquer the labyrinth's serpentine path, leading you directly to the witch and her impending doom. Your sole hope? To neutralize her deadly concoction with dandelion. But time is your greatest foe. Will you manage to outsmart the tower, or will you become its next victim?

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The witch's tower
3 / 10
First riddle: Magical stairs
4 / 10
Second riddle: Escape the tower
5 / 10
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6 / 10
Third riddle: The answer (f)lies in the clouds
7 / 10
Fourth riddle: Fire
8 / 10
Fifth riddle: Disarm the potion
9 / 10
The bloody witch
10 / 10
Exit the adventure


The idea for the escape room is inspired by the Maze in Schönbrunn Palace. For me it was interesting to experience how good you may implement a Maze in VR and how good ones orientation remain.
The development for the Escape room took over 500h and development is still not finished yet. Since this was my first VR project, I will always find something to impove.

At the Summer Vernissage 2023 at FH Sankt Pölten, the Escape Rooms were exhibited and many players from all ages had fun solving our riddles.

Project Vernissage June 2023