MedRoom VR: Medical Environment Training in Virtual Reality



Project Members:

Sophie Westfahl, Hannes Schweiger, Thomas Kautz in cooperation with Hospital of St. Pölten

My Roles:

Team Lead, Development, A bit of everything :)

MedRoom VR is a Virtual Reality environment training for medical professionals to learn and train where items are stored in a large shock room (special emergency room).
For this project we worked together with the Universitätsklinikum St. Pölten and created a realistic digitial twin of their shock room. Beyond that, we developed a fun and practical application that even works!

Learning with us happens in three steps:

1. Get to know: Complete the Tutorial to have a nice start to MedRoom VR.
2. Explore: Walk freely around and look for items. Get more information about the medical product if you look at the left hand menu.
3. Learn: Together with our Mascot Meddi, select a corner that you want to learn today. Meddi will then ask you for a specific item which must be handed over to Meddi. Was that the right item? Meddi will tell you!
MedRoom VR Screen Recording

User Testing

Through close collaboration with the Universitätsklinikum St. Pölten, we had the chance to directly test our prototype with our future users. The feedback was great and we received an average rating of 4.7 / 5 stars.

Project Exhibition

We were also represented at the project vernissage at the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences and were able to impress with a creative hands-on corner.

Creative Pre-Incubator

With our MVP we also participated in a Incubator-Program for Startups, where we had multiple workshops for founding our company and got several opportunities to present our application and receive valuable feedback.

MedRoom at Creative PreIncubator